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Shore fishing rigs

There is a wide variety of shore fishing rigs from ones you can use with a beach caster to launch out 100s of yards to rigs that can be fished from piers, groynes and rocks such as the legendary float rig.
  • > Plaice rig
  • > Cod rig
  • > Conger rig
  • > Bass rig
  • > Pennel rig
  • > Wishbone rig
  • > Pulley rig
  • > Tope trace
Sea fishing rigs

Dedicated to helping you catch, we have compiled details on all the rigs known to mankind, if there is any missing let us know through the contact page and we will add it!
So where do we begin!! provides you with a definitive guide on everything about sea fishing rigs from tying knots to baiting the hook. We have strived to try and provide you with a guide not only for beginner and advanced fisherman but for everyone.

On the site we have provided:

  • A breakdown of various sea fishing rigs including a simple step by step guide on how to create your own.
  • An option to purchase all of the sea fishing rigs we produce.
  • What line to choose
  • Shockleader
  • Rods
  • Reels
  • How to bait your rig
  • Storing your fishing rigs
  • What rigs for what fish
  • All the end tackle including swivels, fishing line
  • Top three rigs!
  • Fish species
  • Sea fishing tips and hints
  • Shore fishing rigs, Boat fishing rigs, Beach casting rigs, Float rigs

You can use a huge variety of rigs for diffrent fish but we have devised our top 3 all rounders that you shouldnt leave out of your tackle box.

We have rigs for a huge variety of fish.

  • Cod fishing rigs
  • Sea fishing rigs for bass
  • Sea fishing rigs book
  • Sea fishing rig diagrams
  • Sea fishing rigs for plaice
  • Sea fishing rigs how to make
  • How to make lead weights
  • What about lobster fishing you ask!
  • If I told you there was a lobster fishing rig what would you say?
  • Bass fishing rigs
  • The best bass rigs with artificial baits or real bait